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Image of Todd WerginzHello, my name is Todd Werginz.

I have been a personal trainer at Mukwonago Athletic Club (MAC) in southeastern Wisconsin since 2008. I am a former Biggest Loser contestant at the MAC and now an ACE certified personal trainer. I also hold a group instructor certification from NETA and am a Crossfit Affiliate. My specialties are in small group training, lifestyle coaching and weight loss/management with an emphasis on nutrition and balance. I am a triathlete, marathoner and fitness enthusiast. I am also very passionate about paying it forward to those in need.

My past struggles inspired in me a passion for wellness. Of course, with passion comes a desire to share my knowledge and I feel I am in a unique position to provide practical, down to earth advice. My journey has led me to an ever increasing understanding of five basic principles, or “keys.” They are:

  1. Our bodies were meant to store fat
  2. Foods with little nutritional value have become the norm
  3. We spend too much time sitting on our asses
  4. Obesity and diabetes have become epidemic
  5. Medical costs related to obesity and diabetes can put you into financial ruin

While these are not earth shattering ideas, understanding the connection each item has with one another is the key toward better health and wellness.

I am Available for Speaking

I enjoy speaking for groups and individuals to help them overcome challenges in weight loss and overall wellness. I am available for speaking engagements. If you are interested in finding out what I can do for you, visit my contact page and let me know what you have in mind.

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